Detecting Fraud in Your Business

What do you call an accountant with specialized auditing and investigative skills? A forensic accountant who can help resolve disputes involving fraud and testify as an expert witness in a courtroom battle.

In an age where securities fraud, shareholder disputes, employee theft, insurance fraud, personal injury claims, and other criminal investigations are running rampant, forensic accountants are not just useful – they’re essential in the business world.

Here are just a few of the tasks that forensic accountants undertake for clients:

  • Investigate and analyze financial evidence to detect employee theft.
  • Conduct business investigations that involve funds tracing, asset identification and recovery.
  • Detect fraud in financial statements through forgery, collusion, missing documents and other factors.
  • Develop computer programs to help analyze and present evidence in court.
  • Issue reports, exhibits and collections of documents to assist in legal proceedings.

Contact our office to learn more about forensic accounting. You may see it on a TV crime show, but this is a specialty that can also help your company in the real world.