Advent Valuation Advisors provides a diverse range of valuation, litigation support, forensic accounting, and other financial consulting services.

Samples of our representative projects include:

Business Valuation

  • Valuation of a group of privately-held companies for estate tax purposes in which our analysis and report saved the estate several million dollars in estate taxes. The sole shareholder died suddenly in the midst of an initial public offering and the original estate tax preparer had erroneously used the value from the fairness opinion associated with an IPO that was in process at the time of death.
  • A Fixed Base Operator (aviation FBO) valuation in support of a $20 million Industrial Development Bond financing project. A real estate appraisal was an inappropriate documentation of value as the business was leasing publicly-owned property.
  • A Fair Market Valuation of a $30 million motorcycle parts distributor for estate planning purposes.
  • A Fair Valuation of a resort for a litigated shareholder dispute.
  • A Fair Market Valuation of an interest in a $250 million community bank for estate tax purposes.
  • A Fair Market and Synergistic Valuation of a food wholesale company that was an acquisition target.
  • A Family Limited Partnership principally holding real estate and marketable securities for gift tax purposes.
  • Valuation of a NYC-based bank in a securities contract dispute involving a foreign government as the defendant in U.S. Federal Court.

Other Valuations

  • A FASB141 purchase price allocation for a private investor group’s $500 million acquisition of a major city newspaper group. In addition to valuing the intangible assets (including subscriber and advertiser lists, trademarks and mast heads) we coordinated the real property and equipment appraisers under one contract. The client was additionally provided with insurance values and a cost segregation study.
  • A Fair Market Valuation of all of the tangible and intangible assets of a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization for the purpose of obtaining Attorney General approval to transfer the assets and liquidate the organization’s operations.
  • Valuation of the intangible assets of a French manufacturing subsidiary of a US publicly-traded company for financial reporting purposes.
  • Other intangible asset valuations:
    • Memory chip patents in support of a mezzanine financing offer.
    • In-process research & technology for transfer to a holding company.
    • Recording artist royalty agreements.
    • Customer lists of an investment advisory firm.

Forensic Accounting

  • Quantification of unreported revenues through the analysis of Fuel Use Tax reports and mileage logs to estimate the actual number of deliveries made by a business.
  • Quantification of unreported revenues using the subpoena process, in which Advent obtained unreported purchase information from area distributors and applied normalized pricing mark ups.
  • Identification of undisclosed business-owner income through the analysis of detailed expense items and supporting documentation (checks, receipts, statements).
  • Identification of employee cash theft through the analysis of POS (point of sale) reporting.
  • Identification of diverted customer payments through the analysis of bank transaction documentation.

Economic Damages/Litigation Support

  • Preparation of compensation claims for deceased victims of the September 11th World Trade Center in support of claims to the federally funded World Trade Center Victim’s Compensation Fund.
  • Calculation of economic damages resulting from the violation of a secrecy agreement associated with a key employee’s theft of company trade secrets and successful defense of same in court.
  • Calculation of economic damages relating to income disruption and loss of business value for a shareholder dispute in a large medical practice.
  • Calculation of lost wages in a wrongful employment termination suit in both State and Federal litigation matters.
  • Calculation of lost profits for a municipality/contractor in a disputed termination of the contractor.
  • Calculation of lost profits and value in a failed business acquisition.
  • Calculation of lost profits resulting from storm damage for insurance claims.
  • Calculation of economic damages relating to wrongful termination and malpractice litigation.
  • Calculation of worklife and non-worklife income.
  • Forensic accounting and valuation services to determine true revenues, earnings and owner compensation in a cash-based business for a shareholder dispute.
  • A formal appraisal review of a court-appointed appraisal in a shareholder dispute.

Financial Consulting

  • Development of a detailed business plan and series of financial projection models utilized to obtain initial bank financing and subsequent venture capital by a group of investors. Presentation support was also provided for the VC firm presentation.
  • Development of construction budgets and financial projections in support of a bank financing request for a self-storage facilities developer.
  • Extended consulting services for a private liberal arts college whose primary campus was under financial distress. Cash flow management and liquidation support was provided in collaboration with their management, board of trustees, bankers, and real estate professionals.
  • Oversight of an economic feasibility study in support of a $200 million construction bond issue for a government agency.

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