Litigation Support Services

Advent’s professionals possess the experience and qualifications to deliver the results you need.

Working in collaboration with legal teams, Advent provides clear and conclusive analyses and expert reports that document complex transactions and retell events in an understandable, logical manner. Our highly qualified experts have testified in Local, State, and Federal Courts and before Arbitration Boards and Mediators.

Our Litigation Support Services include, but are not limited to:

  • The analysis and rebuttal of valuations and other expert reports
  • Bankruptcy and restructuring services
  • Business valuations and other expert reports
  • Compliance matters
  • Discovery, subpoena, interrogatory, and deposition support for Counsel
  • Comprehensive analyses and the provision of expert reports measuring economic damages relating to:
    • Business interruption, lost profits, lost value, lost opportunity, or increased costs
    • Business owner (shareholder) disputes
    • Lost income, wages, benefits and/or pension value
    • Personal injury, wrongful death, and insurance claims
  • Family law/matrimonial matters
  • Income analysis
  • Internal company investigations
  • As well as other Litigation Support Services

Analysis and Rebuttal of an Opposing Expert’s Report

Advent can ascertain whether the opposition’s valuation or damages report is accurate and supportable. It only takes a few errors, omissions or intentional bias to derive a materially erroneous conclusion of value. Consequently, our reviews are often an essential aspect of our litigation support, often framing the key value issues missed, or identifying a weak and/or misleading analysis.

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