Advent Valuation Advisors serves a diverse range of services for attorneys in the areas of estate and gift tax, litigation support and matrimonial services.

Estate & Gift Tax

Advent Valuation Advisors provides detailed and fully supportable valuations for estate and gift tax purposes. Our valuations have been successfully defended before the IRS and properly take into account discounts that optimize the valuation as a financial and estate planning tool. Our valuations have been used for the following tax purposes:

  • Estate tax calculations
  • Gifting of closely-held stock and partnership interests
  • Family Limited Partnership and Limited Liability Company valuation needs, including entities holding real estate, marketable securities or closely-held common stock
  • Creation of non-voting stock in S-corporations for gifting purposes
  • Valuation of intangible assets for corporate transfer
  • Establishing value of goodwill for basis prior to S-Corp conversions


Economic Damages:
Economic damage estimates are prepared in connection with cases involving individuals, businesses or other organizations. Our services in this area include both the calculation of estimated damages and the rebuttal/critique of an opposing expert’s calculations of damages. While often retained jointly by both parties, Advent also provides economic damages services to one party to the dispute.

Economic damages for businesses include those related to lost profits, lost value, lost opportunity, and/or increased costs. For individuals, Advent often measures economic damages in terms of lost income, wages, benefits and/or pension value. Advent works closely with the client and Counsel to understand the facts and issues of the case to appropriately estimate lost profits or economic damages, prepares reports of our findings, and provides expert witness testimony in State or Federal court, or in an arbitration or mediation environment.

Appraisal Review:
In addition to Advent’s business valuation or economic damages analysis, a client and/or counsel may retain Advent to ascertain whether the opposition’s valuation or damages report is accurate and supportable. It only takes a few errors, omissions or intentional bias to derive a materially erroneous conclusion of value. Consequently our reviews are often an essential aspect of our litigation support, often framing the key value issues missed, or identifying weak and/or misleading analysis.

Examples of Forensic and Litigation Support Work:
Shareholder Dispute – Provided forensic accounting and valuation services to determine true revenues, earnings and owner compensation in a cash-based business.

Key Employee Theft – Calculated and successfully defended in court the damages related to a violation of a secrecy agreement protecting company trade secrets.

Medical Lost Profits – Determined economic damages in terms of income disruption, loss of business value and value of stolen patient records in a large medical practice.

Municipality/Contractor Dispute – Prepared a lost profit calculation associated with the contractually disputed termination of the contractor.

Employee Theft – Identified customer payments wrongfully diverted by an employee from the Company to his own benefit.

Matrimonial Litigation – Provided income reconstruction services for use in maintenance and child support claims.

Wrongful Employment Termination – Prepared lost wages calculations for both State and Federal litigation matters.


Divorce Litigation:

One of the most complex areas of the law is family law. It encompasses a range of diverse concerns and issues – financial as well as personal. These include elements of finance, taxes, long term planning, human issues, custody battles, estate tax, and virtually anything else that could happen when two individuals emotionally address the division of a financially complex, long term partnership.

What We Do:

Advent Valuation Advisors can assist with in-depth investigation and analysis of financial data for matrimonial and divorce purposes. We have the experience and expertise to provide comprehensive analysis and reporting of the accounting and financial aspects involved, and work closely with litigation counsel through each step of the process, including settlement discussions and trial preparations. Our firm works with attorneys and their clients.

Matrimonial Services:

Discovery – Often, before we even get serious about doing what we do, it is requested of us to assist in determining what needs to be provided in discovery and then following up as the issues develop and expand.

Expert Testimony/Trial – While most cases settle, there are some that go to trial. When it comes to the final denouement, there’s nothing that can supplant the experienced expert witness.

Financial Investigations – Also called forensic accounting, the detailed review and analysis of the books and records of one or more closely held businesses; for the purpose of determining the real income generated from the business as well as compensation and benefits (perquisites). Often we are asked to do a financial tracing investigation where there is no business involved, but rather a pool of funds/investments.

Business Valuations – The financial exposure of the business owner – or the potential benefits for the non-business owner spouse – is often the biggest dollar item in a case. This is an area that can make or break a divorce case and where we have often produced stellar results in trial as well as in the negotiation process.

Lifestyle – Even when a business is involved, a standard of living analysis can be more important than the business investigation itself. How did the couple or family live? How was money spent and saved? We provide a solid understanding of the marital lifestyle – a critical element in helping to support a position as to the appropriate amount of alimony/support.

Tax Matters – Divorce has a unique set of tax laws. We address the tax implications of equitable distribution, retirement assets, alimony, child support and a multitude of other special issues.

Negotiations and Settlement – the ability of counsel to move forward with a strong team effort that includes a divorce savvy CPA, can be invaluable in the negotiation and settlement process. This often includes our being able to be creative, developing the necessary cash flow out of what is often an illiquid pool of assets, so as to enable the parties to accomplish their combined desired goals.

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